Burton Craig
for Monte Sereno
City Council


I previously served as a Monte Sereno city council member for eight years.


Will tirelessly work for the people of Monte Sereno.


Community service provides the opportunity to have a lasting, positive impact.


Civil discourse, Always considerate to our residents and colleagues.

Why I Am Running For City Council

I previously served as a Monte Sereno city council member for eight years. In my time on the city council we had a strong financial policy where our budget was balanced, and spending was controlled. We worked hard with our residents who were building their dream homes or improving their existing properties. We worked with other cities in the West Valley to restore our rightful share of property taxes. We started a plan to improve the streets of Monte Sereno that continues today. It brought me great joy to start the city’s Better Streets and Roads commission and reinvigorate our Youth Commission.

One of my proudest achievements was improving the way the city communicates with its residents. I spearheaded efforts to redesign the city’s website, improve email notifications, and initiated our official presence on NextDoor. I will continue to make communication with our residents a top priority. I do not want any resident to ever say they do not know what is going on in our city.

Satisfying California’s housing mandates will be one of my top priorities if elected. Our state legislature continues to limit the ability of cities to set their own policies for housing types, zoning and density. I worked on this issue during my previous terms in office and it will continue to be a priority for me. We must do everything possible to maintain Monte Sereno’s semi-rural atmosphere.

Meeting members of our community has been one of the highlights during my time on the council. In my previous term I helped numerous residents address issues with the city. I brought resident’s questions, concerns, and suggestions about how to improve our city to the city staff. Helping our residents will always be an area of focus for me. I believe customer service has to be a priority for City Hall. That’s one of the benefits of living in a small city.

Community service is a passion of mine. Engaging in community service provides the opportunity to have a lasting, positive impact on society at large. As a member of my community, I have volunteered as a Boy Scout leader, an adult leader for Treasures 4 Teens helping underserved teens during the holiday season and am currently serving on the Board of Directors at KCAT – our local community TV station.

On previous councils, we gave respect to each other, had respect to each other, had civil discussions, and even if we disagreed, we were always considerate to our colleagues. In my time on the council, my job, and in my volunteer work, I have engaged with many people and on a numerous boards and commissions. This has allowed me to develop my ability to communicate clearly with others, and mediate conflicts. I learned early on that listening is as important as talking. I continue to live by these values.

Last but not least, I am going to work hard to improve our city’s Internet infrastructure. I see lots posts on NextDoor complaining about Comcast and slow Internet speed. Especially during this pandemic – fast and reliable Internet is more important than ever.

If elected to the council I will bring my passion, energy, and enthusiasm to work for you as I did during my last time as one of your councilpersons.

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